Travis Strikes Again Physical Release

Travis Strikes Again Physical Release Leaked

A Travis Strikes Again physical release has been leaked ahead of release. Previously, we’ve only been able to pre-order digital copies of the game. Now, it seems that not only will we be getting a physical version of Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes, but it seems as though we might be getting a Travis Strikes Again season pass.

While for the longest time we’ve known that Travis Stikes Again will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on January 18, 2019, it appears as though a physical version of the game is on the way. Amazon added a store page for the physical edition of Travis Strikes Again. Costing $39.99, No More Heroes fans can now pre-order the upcoming hack n’ slash return of Travis Touchdown.

According to Amazon’s listing, the Travis Strikes Back physical release will not only include a physical cartridge of the game and its box but also it will come with the game’s season pass. Travis Strikes Back DLC has never been mentioned before by either Grasshopper Manufacture or Nintendo, however. While an Amazon posting should never be taken as a guarantee of features, it does at least suggest that they know something about the game that we don’t. We’ll let you know what the season pass contains as soon as we know. Gamestop, too, posted a pre-order page for the Travis Strikes Again physical release. Including in Europe, with a pre-order available for €69.99. Gamestop’s listing even has box-art.

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes is the long-awaited return of Travis Touchdown. Set seven years after the events of No More Heroes 2Travis Stikes Again sees a gameplay shift for the first time in the series. No longer behind the shoulder, Travis Strikes Again offers top-down hack n’ slash action gameplay set in various different indie game worlds. We’ll be able to play the game by ourselves, or with a pal controlling Badman in co-op. Officially, Travis Strikes Back isn’t No More Heroes 3, as it represents a departure from the series’ gameplay and offers a more side-story styled plot.

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