Nintendo of Russia CEO Loses His Temper During Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Livestream

We don’t usually hear much from Nintendo of Russia. They do hold events, however. That became abundantly clear when fans posted a video of the Nintendo of Russia CEO losing his temper during a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe livestream.

A group of Russian Nintendo fans took to YouTube to voice their displeasure with the CEO and his recent actions, with the highlight being from a recent livestream event called Level Up Days. Nintendo of Russia posted footage from the livestream social media site VR, but only included footage from the third day.

Fans say this was because Nintendo of Russia CEO Yasha Haddaji went off the rails on the first day, using a number of expletives. The story goes that once the CEO found out that his comments were aired live, he tried to get rid of it. But according to the video, VK, a Russian social media network, saves deleted information up to 12 hours, thus the stream was still available, just hidden.

In the video above (warning: contains profanity), you can see early on that the stream was disorganized. Haddaji walks in, not realizing the stream is live. Profane language from Haddaji can be heard while the hosts attempt to play. Most of the stream had Haddaj arguing with people in the background. His voice was constantly picked up by the players’ headsets, who tried to cover them but to no avail.

But it’s not just the CEO who is giving Russian fans of Nintendo a bad time. The video also went on to talk about the company itself. Games do get translated, but not often. And the ones that do get translated are due to an ex-PR manager who has since been fired. The video also blames Nintendo of Russia for bad promotion.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter. Regardless, it’s an extremely ugly look for anyone in that high of a position.