Drown in The Sinking City’s Cinematic CGI Trailer

That dread you feel, the creeping up your spine? That’s just the darkness enveloping around you. The Sinking City is an open-world adventure set in a shadowy burg with plenty of secrets. Developer Frogwares is most known for its Sherlock Holmes series. Fittingly, it seems like there will be plenty of mysteries for Charles Reed to solve in this Lovecraftian nightmare. For example, why is there water in the sky? Why is said water threatening to envelop you whole? For more on this mystery, you can check out the cinematic trailer posted by GamesRadar as part of the Golden Joysticks Awards broadcast.

As previously reportedThe Sinking City promises the narrative you expect from a Frogwares game alongside a little action. The Tommy Gun seen prominently in the new trailer is just one of several 1920s weapons in your arsenal. With that and a trusty shotgun, you’ll be battling all manner of fishmen and other foes. Appropriate to the game’s title, as is the boat you can use to traverse the game’s world. The new trailer ends with a look at tentacled beast down below the surface. It’s a tease for a boss encounter that could be nasty. Our fedora-wearing protagonist doesn’t seem prepared for it in the trailer. However, I’m sure you can get him there by the end of the game.

The Sinking City is planning for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 21, 2019. While that might be a long time to wait before diving into this nightmare, it’s not your only option. Survival horror themed Call of Cthulhu saw release at the end of last month on all major platforms, offering a different interactive take on Lovecraft’s lore. Or, you could just try to cancel a social media account online. The string of support pages and phone calls you’ll have to make might be just as frightening as whatever eldrich horrors The Sinking City conjures up.