Wushu Studios New Partnership With Lucid Games

Wushu Studios has announced a new partnership with Lucid Games, the company behind Switchblade, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, and Goat Simulator. Wushu has said in it’s announcement that the team will be lending their talent to some of Lucid Game’s upcoming titles.

The company made the announcement on its Twitter account saying that even though “much of what we’ll be working on will remain shrouded in secrecy for now, we can reveal that, initially, our team will be helping out on the fast-paced, pulse-pounding vehicle combat MOBA, Switchblade,”.

Switchblade is a five versus five arena-based action game already available in early access on Steam and PlayStation 4 so Wushu Studios would likely be contributing to content updates, bug fixes, or balance changes. It also has an interactive spectator mode which allows viewers to influence certain aspects during the game.

Based in Liverpool, Wushu Studios is an independent developer which formed last year in August comprising of multiple AAA veterans. This small team includes Alan Mcdermott and Nigel Kershaw from Evolution Studios, the company behind the MotorStorm and Driveclub franchises.

Lucid Games is a somewhat older company which came about back in 2011. It was formed by ex-Bizarre Creations members who created the Project Gotham Racing series.

This partnership likely comes in part due to both of the studio’s similar histories and also their location. Both just happen to be based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and this likely facilitates easily working closely together on future projects.

Wushu Studios also confirmed it is still working on its own new twisted sci-fi IP that it says will “chase something genuinely unique” but can’t share any new information about the project yet. Not much is known about the game as not even a title has been teased publicly. The announcement implies that this new partnership will likely push back any news about its own upcoming game, due to the studio being busy with other work.