Unreal Engine Titanic Takes You Back In Time

An Unreal Engine Titanic game offers a breathtaking first-person experience of the doomed cruise ship, letting players step back in time either through standard viewing or a virtual reality experience.

Four Funnels Entertainment Co. has spent the last several years working on creating an authentic model of the RMS Titanic. The model allows players to walk through several decks of the historical ship and see it in all of its luxurious glory. Aside from Four Funnels Entertainment Co.’s beautiful rendition of the vessel, the Unreal Engine Titanic game also includes several notes that educate players about the different sections of the ship.

The RMS Titanic was boasted as the largest passenger ship in the world during the early 1900s. It was praised as an unsinkable ship. An unfortunate meeting with an iceberg in Arctic waters made for an example of mankind’s hubris when the ship did indeed sink, leading to the deaths of many of its passengers and crew. Captain Edward Smith went down with the ship as per naval tradition. The events of the ship’s sinking were popularized in James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster Titanic, a movie that weaves a fictional love story into real-world events.

The Unreal Engine Titanic game is currently a simple demo, but it plans on expanding to a full experience with a proper narrative. Titled Titanic: Honor and Glory, the story places Owen Robert Morgan on board one of the most famous ships in history as he tries to unravel a mystery.

A demo of the Unreal Engine Titanic game is available to download for both regular first-person gameplay and as a virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive. A store is also available where interested parties can purchase a 3D printed model of the ship or a nice print. Bear in mind that they’re quite backlogged as it is and the recent press attention is likely to make the situation even more severe.

An iceberg and some bad decisions cemented the place of the RMS Titanic in history. Gamers can finally experience the ship for themselves. In a few years, you’ll be able to play through an interesting narrative experience set on the ship. Thank goodness that Celine Dion isn’t doing the soundtrack.

[via Reddit]