Bethesda Compensates Fallout 76 Bag Customers With 500 Atoms

It seems that every time we hear about Fallout 76, it’s followed by another maddening misstep from Bethesda. If it’s not the backtracking on refunds or potential lawsuits, we hear about the game then it’s something else. This time it seems Bethesda has apologized to customers who received the Fallout 76 bag after buying the game’s Power Armor Edition by offering them 500 Atoms.

The gesture comes after Bethesda advertised the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, a version of the game that included a canvas duffel bag. But when customers opened up their $200 version of the game, they found that the canvas duffel bag was actually a far less extravagant nylon bag.

When affected customers began comparing the bags they received with the details of the bags advertised, it quickly came to light that Bethesda had edited the original description of the extras included. The Power Armor Edition’s description had been altered on Bethesda’s store to describe the bag included as being made of nylon. Though, as Eurogamer reports, the descriptions found on Amazon still describe the product as a “canvas” bag.

Customers have been justifiably angry about the whole ordeal, suggesting that Bethesda is guilty of false advertising. And while some got in contact with Bethesda’s customer support, the reply wasn’t exactly helpful. Bethesda has since confirmed that supply issues prevented them from shipping out the original canvas bags to all customers who bought the Power Armor Edition.

As way of an apology, Bethesda hasn’t agreed to send out the advertised bag or refund customers, instead, the company has offered to compensate customers with 500 Atoms (the in-game currency of Fallout 76). Though the same pack of Atoms can be bought in the game for $4.99. And one Twitter user has pointed out that the amount of Atoms offered as compensation isn’t enough to buy the in-game outfit that includes the canvas bag.

It’s the latest piece of bad news that both fans of the Fallout series and Bethesda itself has had to deal with since the release of Fallout 76. Whether or not the company and its fans can move past this recent bad blood remains to be seen.