Fortnite Season 7 Start Date Announced and Theme Teased

Epic has begun hyping up Fortnite Season 7 and has even teased a little info about the theme for the upcoming event. The previous season will give way to the new in just three days where the Halloween themes of Season 6 are looking to give way to a more frosted Fortnite Season 7.

The official FortniteGame Twitter account posted a chilling image alongside the announcement. The caption reads “A bitter ice spreads” with an almost White Walker-esque crowned icy figure on the main image.

On the right, you can also see a person who looks like they’re skiing down the slopes of the figure’s mountainous shoulders. Inside the hooded figure, it also looks like some sort of swirling aurora effected sky, not dissimilar to the swirling clouds players have witnessed in game.

These clouds were found to be hiding an iceberg which was making its way towards the battle royale island and were among many other hints which first alerted fans to the possibility of a wintery Fortnite Season 7.

A wintery robotic character skin called A.I.M. that turned up as a Season 6 hunting party challenge skin also helped to tip fans off. Then a new snow-themed camouflage outfit named Frostbite also became available. There’s not too much point in such a getup if there’s not going to be any snow to blend into.

Fortnite has also been holding its Winter Royale Tournament over the course of November and December, so the team definitely has ice on the brain.

Hints aside, having a winter themed Christmas season isn’t that surprising. Many games cover themselves in snow in the month of December to join in with the northern hemisphere celebrations. Overwatch is also gearing up for its next holiday event, which is also likely to kick off within the next week or so.