Bethesda Offers Replacement Fallout 76 Canvas Bags

Bethesda has finally opted to offer replacement Fallout 76 canvas bags to those who bought the Power Armor special edition. This comes after the company originally shipped the game with cheaper nylon bags rather than the canvas ones that were originally advertised.

It seems Bethesda has come around and has announced via a tweet from the Bethesda Support account that those who purchased the Power Armor collector’s edition can opt to have their bag replaced. Those who wish to do so will need to submit a ticket through the support website before January 31, 2019.

Despite the gaffe, which slapped customers who’d spent $200 on a special edition with an inferior product, it has taken Bethesda some time to get to this point. Originally, it seemed the company had no intention of offering any replacement Fallout 76 canvas bags.

At first, fans were posting responses from Bethesda customer support saying materials were not available to make the canvas bags. Then others shared images of the Bethesda Gear Store’s North American Support simply reply stating the bag originally advertised ended up being too expensive to make and added: “We aren’t planning on doing anything about it.”

These responses rightly didn’t sit well with fans.

Bethesda then chose to offer fans 500 Atoms to compensate them for the cheaper and falsely advertised products. Unfortunately, this amount of Fallout 76 currency only costs about $5 to purchase so it hardly seemed like fair compensation.

While this decision to offer replacement Fallout 76 canvas bags hopefully puts this issue to rest, Bethesda’s trouble with Fallout 76 is far from over. The company has also had potential lawsuits leveled at it for alleged deceptive trade practices linked with Fallout 76.