Destiny 2 Power Level 650 Has Been Reached

One intrepid gamer has reached the end of the treadmill, hitting Destiny 2 Power Level 650. This level is but a dream for even the most dedicated players of the game, but a Redditor by the name of Schendziee has managed to pull it off. The higher cap was introduced as part of Destiny 2 Forsaken, the newest piece of content that was added just a few days ago.

Schendziee states that he managed to hit Destiny 2 Power Level 650 through a “mixture of grinding and preparing bounties.” This combination of tactics allowed him to hit what is effectively the game’s level cap in a surprisingly fast amount of time. Schendziee highlighted the fact that he didn’t make use of a prime engram infinite farming exploit as a particular point of pride.

A YouTube video posted by Schendziee shows off some of the equipment that he has equipped on his Destiny 2 Power Level 650 character. The vast majority of his gear is Legendary quality with a few Exotic items peppered throughout his arsenal. Nearly every piece of equipment is at 650 Power with a handful of items not quite reaching that threshold.

Previously, the maximum Power Level in the game was 500. The recent addition of new content has lead the developers to upping the maximum Power Level that players can achieve. Destiny 2 Power Level 650 is all but a requirement for the upcoming raid Scourge of the Past that’s set to release on Friday, December 7, 2018. Guardians seeking to participate in this new raid are recommended to have at least Power Level 640, although there is no hard minimum cap for participating in this new piece of content coming to the game tomorrow.

If you’re keen on hitting Destiny 2 Power Level 650 yourself, you had best get to preparing those bounties and grinding out the highest-level content you can survive. It might help to work with a clan and take on some tougher content like the Forever Fight challenge. If you’d like more specific tips, Schendziee has stated that he’ll be returning to the Destiny subreddit in the near future to answer questions about how he managed to pull off this feat so quickly.

[via Reddit]