The Game Awards 2018: User Created Content to Feature in Fortnite’s The Block

After showing off the latest season 7 winter update which has already launched in game, the Worldwide creative director for the world’s most popular game Donald Mustard took to the stage to announce Fortnite‘s the Block.

This new area has just dropped into the game totally crushing the previously well-loved outdoor cinema Risky Reels. It was explained to work in tandum with the new creation mode coming to Fortnite and will be an empty space where user created content can be featured.

It’s implied that the content which features in this space will be voted on but it’s likely there may be some developer curation involved as well. Otherwise, we’d surely only see the most popular streamers’ content featured on Fortnite‘s the Block every time.

Mustard also said that as a big fan of cinema he was going to make sure that some form of movie area returns in the future. If not for a cinema, where else will they put easter eggs like the time one player found Wreck-It Ralph in game.