Left Alive Gameplay Details, New Images Released

New Left Alive gameplay details were shown in a livestream of the upcoming survival shooter. Toshifumi Nabeshima is directing the Square Enix-published game, which is set in the Front Mission universe. New images of the main characters also came alongside the livestream today.

Today’s livesteam saw Nabeshima run through a number of different aspects of Left Alive including gameplay, story, and progression, which is archived on Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube Channel. It is in Japanese, although YouTube’s auto-generated captions can translate on the fly. Unless you know the language, however, there is no telling how accurate it is.

Nabeshima illustrated how the gameplay loop would work. He took to a whiteboard and laid out the way chapters focus on each character. Mihkail, Olga, and Leonid will each lead their own chapters in the survival shooter. As such, each character will have their own distinctive inventory, and the story will unfold from multiple perspectives. Nabeshima noted how the first and third chapters focused on Mikhail, while the second followed Olga. Each chapter has players in the shoes of only one character, and clearly delineates between chapters. Nabeshime said that Left Alive is not a typical shooter, and approaching it aggressively is a good way to get killed.

Twinfinite‘s Guiseppe Nelva grabbed several gameplay clips, compiling them on YouTube. The first clip looks at the in-game map, and how player noise can attract enemies. Red high-risk areas may include enemy Wanzers, mecha in the Front Mission series. The second clip sees a Wanzer detect Olga, nearly killing her. The game’s user interface is seen throughout all three videos.

Left Alive gameplay looks fast, with a mix of gadgets, guns, and melee combat. Players may commandeer Wanzers, although doing so is immensely difficult. A Japan-only collector’s edition was announced, including a statue of a Wanzer from the game.

Left Alive was announced in 2017 for PC, and PS4. Nabeshima is being joined by character designer Yoji Shinkawa, and the game is being produced by Shinji Hashimoto. Shinkawa produced character art for Metal Gear Solid, while Hashimoto serves as the Final Fantasy brand manager. Left Alive will be out March 5, 2019.