Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads Disabled After Two Weeks

The in-game advertising for Street Fighter 5 had caused much controversy upon its debut two weeks ago. It’s already gone, but not because of the controversy.

According to Event Hubs, when you try to select colors 3-10 for a Ad Style costume, the game will give the error message “the sponsor is currently not available, so you cannot use the selected color.” these were costumes that would sport logos of sponsored products. People now only have the option of choosing between the first two ad colors.

Additionally, loading screens and in-stage advertisements have also been turned off.

There was an option in the game to disable these features from popping up, which would have removed the costumes and an extra way of getting some Fight Money, the in-game currency.

This doesn’t seem to be a response to the negative feedback Capcom has received since the launch of the ads two weeks ago. It seems that this was designed to run only two weeks, as the Capcom Pro Tour ads, the subject of the in-game ads, was scheduled starting on December 11 through until December 25.

The decision to include in-game advertising was a controversial one, with Street Fighter 5 director Yoshi Ono going as far as issuing a statement saying that they would continue to listen to feedback so that they could improve the feature in the future.

In addition to the recent Street Fighter 5 advertising changes, Capcom has also recently announced that there will not be a Season 4 pass for the game. Any new fighters released going forward will be released individually instead of being released as a season pack.

Street Fighter 5 was released for the PlayStation 4 and PC back in 2016. A new edition, Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, was released back in January with new single player modes, the inclusion of all fighters from the first two seasons and an improved interface, among other added new features.