Halo Infinite in a ‘No Win’ Situation, Says Series Co-Creator

Halo series co-creator Marcus Lehto has said that the next installment of the series, Halo Infinite, is in a “no win” situation. Lehto spoke briefly about the upcoming title during a Twitter Q&A session where he also spoke about various other decisions made throughout the series’ history. Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a specific release date for its release on Xbox and PC.

Lehto’s comments on the matter were spotted in a tweet thread that Lehto was writing way back in September on the anniversary of Halo Reach. Lehto was asked whether he agrees that the combat in Halo titles after Halo: Reach had become stagnant, to which he replied that “There’s no easy path through later iterations, where some want the core game and some want something entirely new. It’s a no win situation.”

Though Lehto later went on to say that while the game’s combat may not be anything entirely different, the story the game tells looks set to push the series forward. Answering a question about whether the Halo series could handle a more emotional plot similar to Spec Ops: The Line, Lehto replied that it “could happen for sure. I think we may be on the cusp of a Halo reimagined.”

Just what he meant by this remains a mystery as Lehto didn’t go into any further detail on the matter, but as to where the series stands, it seems like it’d be a fairly big ask to switch up the underlying story in the series. It’s more likely that Lehto is referring to the tone of Halo Infinite more than the style of story it tells, though we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out when Infinite arrives.

As for what’s next? Who knows? The only sign we’ve had from Halo Infinite officially is the E3 teaser trailer, so trying to figure out when we’ll see a return to the series is a fairly tough ask. Though with the rumored release of Microsoft’s Scarlett console set for 2020, a Halo launch title wouldn’t be too ludicrous a guess.