PT Remake Breathes New Life Into Kojima’s Silent Hills Game

A fan-made PT remake looks to update Hideo Kojima‘s terrifying Silent Hills precursor, with it rebuilding the PS4 horror game from scratch. Since Kojima left Konami and his planned entry in the Silent Hill franchise was canceled, fans have been left empty-handed and without a follow-up to the 2014 playable teaser. Fortunately, a Kojima fan has seen fit to overhaul the short game, remaking its textures, animations, and more to bring it in line with recent releases.

Game developer RadiusGordello has been developing the PT remake for nine months, beginning work on the game in April 2018. According to the dev, the remake also supports VR, something not possible in the original PT, though as they don’t have access to a virtual reality headset themselves they aren’t able to bug test this compatibility. It supports VR motion controllers, along with mouse and keyboard, PlayStation, and Xbox controllers.

RadiusGordello is calling the remake Unreal PT, and it retains near identical gameplay to the original. The only major change is the game’s ending, which has been altered “to make beating it more consistent.”

A GIF of the game in action was posted to Reddit’s r/gaming, with it receiving over 14,000 upvotes. The GIF can be viewed below:

The release trailer for the game can also be viewed below:

Konami has been cracking down on fan-made PT remakes, with the game receiving a surprising number of overhauls considering it was released less than five years ago. However, with the publisher making it unavailable for download on PS4 and it not releasing on other platforms, players have inevitably wanted to experience the infamous horror title for themselves.

Sony announced that PT had been downloaded over one million times on the PlayStation Store a few months following its release. Unfortunately, Kojima’s controversial departure from Konami saw the publisher remove it from the storefront, along with preventing players from re-downloading the game if they had deleted it from their hard drive. This was a widely criticized move, with PS4 units featuring the game later being sold for a premium on the likes of eBay.

There’s no saying that Konami won’t order RadiusGordello to take down Unreal PT, but either way, it’s an impressive feat. It also shows that the desire to play the game hasn’t dwindled over the years, though with Kojima still working on Death Stranding and Konami seemingly doing nothing with the Silent Hill license, the series’ fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a follow-up.

Unreal PT can currently be downloaded for free on