The Last Night Developer Odd Tales is Looking For Funding

The year was 2017, the place was Microsoft’s E3 conference. We got a first look at Assassin’s Creed Origins, Metro Exodus, and a neon-drenched cyberpunk game called The Last Night. But now? Well, The Last Night developer Odd Tales has hit a bit of a snag and is actively looking for funding.

We’ve heard pretty much nothing about The Last Night since that E3 reveal in 2017. With that said, the developer recently spoke with Indie Game Website about The Last Night, explaining that development had slowed because of new hires, though the game was apparently still in good shape. However, a tweet from the studio founder Tim Soret has suggested that The Last Night is in a fairly precarious state.

Soret explained that his team has “encountered massive business, legal & funding issues we can’t talk about,” but has essentially left the game in need of funding. Soret doesn’t say whether the game’s fans can contribute or if the studio is seeking a business partnership. Though far from being put off by the news, fans have offered to help Soret. Some have suggested he take the project to Kickstarter, a source that’s become hugely popular among both indie developers and industry veterans, while others have asked if the studio would accept donations from individuals.

Despite the recent trouble surrounding the game, Soret didn’t seem too pessimistic about the state of The Last Night. He shared a snapshot of how the game looks since being first announced. He also reiterated how much growth his studio has seen, not just in new hires but also in developing the people he’s bought on to the project.

Soret also confirmed that a new trailer for The Last Night was due to be shown at The Game Awards but had to be canceled. No explanation was given for the cancellation, but in an interview, Soret explained that his team “had several times this year [2018] the opportunity to show the game, but ultimately we chose to continue progress,” though whether or not that is the case in light of the financial constraints Odd Tales finds itself in is something we can’t be sure of. Still, The Last Night looks absolutely gorgeous from the little we’ve seen of it, so here’s hoping it does get an eventual release.