Devolver Digital runs Shadow Warrior 2 sale after an email from a fan

Devolver Digital‘s PR game is second to none. The publisher was recently sent an email from a fan requesting that it ran a sale for Shadow Warrior 2, its popular 2016 co-op FPS. The game was available on Steam for $39.99, a price that the fan in question was unwilling to pay for the game.

“I want to buy and play Shadow Warrior 2 so please put it on sale right away. Thank you,” the email reads, with the fan signing off as “Potential future purchaser.” Devolver Digital shared the email with its 140,000 Twitter followers, followed by an image of Shadow Warrior 2‘s price being reduced to $10.00.

Devolver Digital’s followers promptly checked the game’s Steam page, and sure enough, Devolver Digital had reduced its price by $29.99. The sale lasted for one hour, with its popularity causing it to pop up as the top entry on Steam’s Featured & Recommended banner.

Followers promptly praised Devolver Digital’s marketing tactics. “We need a “best customer service award” for the next game awards just for this,” one user wrote. “so this… is the power… of self publishing…” another added.

The tweet from Devolver Digital received over 26,000 likes and 7,000 retweets, encouraging a wave of new players to go out and purchase the game. Though Shadow Warrior 2 was previously made available in October for free, a 75% price reduction isn’t too shabby, so those who have yet to try out the shooter had a chance to pick it up for a very reasonable price.

We enjoyed Shadow Warrior 2 giving it a 4 out of 5 in our review back in 2016, praising its “great weapon variety” and “superb combat mechanics.” The FPS has also been very popular on Steam, attracting “Very Positive” user reviews.

Meanwhile, Devolver Digital is celebrating the successful launch of Gris, which developer Nomada Studio stated was already profitable just a week after its release. The game is currently in line for the Best Debut and Best Visual Art awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards, and is currently available on PC and the Nintendo Switch.