Does Dante’s penis jiggle? That’s what the internet is debating right now

History is full of moments that define the age of humankind; a man walking on the moon, the Industrial Revolution, the theory of general relativity. And just like that theory revolutionized the way we comprehend physics, another debate on the topic is raging. This one is over Devil May Cry 5‘s Dante’s penis jiggle – or more precisely, whether it’s there or not.

The question was sparked by a Twitter post that shows Dante casting a spell and far from looking at the graphics or the lighting effects, the user posts, rather succinctly, that “Dante’s cock has jiggle physics in DMCV.” People are pretty split on the subject and apparently, it’s important to figure out, so here are the arguments.

As for why Dante’s package does have physics, PCGN is suggesting that there’s, ahem, movement a split second before the spell is cast. It’s a fleeting second, yes, but it does look like Dante’s piece has a mind of its own, suggesting that penal physics is indeed in the game.

As for the naysayers? Well, the argument is that as Dante is casting a spell and what we perceiving as movement is actually just the aura around the spell distorting the light around Dante, thus giving the illusion of movement.

The user from the original post has since changed their opinion, now siding with the magical aura argument. As for us? Well, we couldn’t make up our minds. So, dear reader, we want to know what you think: does Dante’s dong dance or is it just an unflattering trick of the light? Let us know and help us settle this once and for all. For science.

Devil May Cry 5 is set to arrive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019. We aren’t sure if the alleged physics will be as… pronounced across all platforms but we’ll keep you updated as and when we have more on the subject.