Series composer may not be back for The Elder Scrolls 6 soundtrack

Aside from being all open-world fantasy RPGs, one of the major connections between most of The Elder Scrolls series of games is their excellent soundtracks. In particular, the epic and rousing main Elder Scrolls theme tune, which has been used in the games since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in 2002. The composer of this theme tune, and most of the soundtracks in the series, is Jeremy Soule, and most fans were expecting him to return for The Elder Scrolls 6. However, it looks like Bethesda has other ideas, and The Elder Scrolls 6 soundtrack will feature a different composer.

Jeremy Soule announced on his Facebook page that he is “not currently involved with The Elder Scrolls 6.” He adds a vote of confidence in the studio, noting that “I’m certain they can still deliver a great game with or without my involvement” and wishes his successor luck.

Soule has been part of the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind, where he composed the amazing theme tune that’s still being used in the series to this day. He’s also worked on the soundtracks for Oblivion, Skyrim, and The Elder Scrolls Online, so there was naturally expectation that he would continue on to the next game. Soule is also well-known for the scores for such classic games as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Prey, Guild Wars 2, and Icewind Dale.

However, there is still hope. We still know very little about The Elder Scrolls 6, but one thing we know for sure is that it’s a long way off. Bethesda almost certainly hasn’t got to a stage where a composer would be useful, something while Jeremy Soule himself acknowledges. “My non-involvement at this stage isn’t necessarily an indicator of anything foreboding,” as he notes below his Facebook post. Soule’s music shaped the series in the same way John Williams did to Star Wars, or Howard Shore did with Lord of the Rings, so hopefully he’ll get to continue. We’ll find out ten years from now when Elder Scrolls 6 gets released.