This ‘priceless’ Metro Exodus giveaway lets you win a gas mask and the coolest watch ever

4A Games announced today that they will be holding ‘priceless’ giveaways of ten limited edition bundles of their upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Metro Exodus. The Metro Exodus Artyom Edition will give ten lucky fans the equipment all Spartans need to survive in the irradiated environment of Russia, but will not be available for purchase.

The Metro Exodus Artyom Edition includes a gas mask and filters, a bullet lighter, a leather-wrapped map, Spartan dog tags, and a fully functional Nixie watch, as well as a certificate of authenticity. Described as “the ultimate dream of any Metro fan,” the limited edition is only available in 4A Games’ giveaway, which is expected be detailed further in the coming weeks on the official Metro Exodus social channels.

As described by the Metro series author Dmitry Glukhovsky, all the items contained in the Metro Exodus: Artyom Edition have been “handcrafted by skillful artisans,” designed to survive the wear-and-tear of a land ravaged by nuclear war. This quote could well be a reference to the Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition, which infamously replaced a canvas bag with a seemingly cheaper vinyl version last November.

Moreover, the Nixie watch will be housed in its own “nuclear-proof steel tube”, while the leather-wrapped map is designed to survive attacks from irradiated creatures. The Spartan dog tag will also be engraved with the name of the recipient, so you can be identified if you fall in your journey across the gorgeous post-apocalyptic landscape.

The third game in the series inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s books, Metro Exodus will see players traveling across an irradiated Russia in the Aurora train, fighting for their survival. This continues the story of protagonist Artyom in a new open-world RPG format. Metro Exodus is expected to release a week earlier than originally planned, coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 15, 2019.