Latest Battlefield 5 Chapter 2 trailer showcases new multiplayer modes

The second chapter of Battlefield 5, called Lightning Strikes, features new multiplayer modes that will be available later this week.

A new trailer can be seen highlighting the modes, which you can see below:

One of the biggest additions to the game is called Squad Conquest. It will feature two squads of eight people squaring off against another two squads of eight. It is much like a “capture the flag” mode, where the goal is to control three flags strewn about on the map. The Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada maps will be available in this mode.

In addition to Squad Conquest, there will also be a new co-op mode called Combined Arms. The two team attack-and defense-mode, Rush, will also return.

New weapons will also be available in the new update: the Zk-383 submachine gun, the Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle and the M1922 MMG.

Battlefield 5 has been a bit of a disappointment since launching. EA had to revise their projected earnings for 2019 downward as a result of the game’s rocky start. Some people were upset at the lacking single-player campaign, as well as the delay of the battle royale mode. A half price sale went up just a few weeks after the game’s launch.

Some people also felt attacked after seeing their criticism displayed on a screen during the game’s launch party, specifically targeting those who were critical of the company’s decision to put a female lead on the game’s box art. While some were negative about EA’s response, others were more positive.

The game has averaged an 81 rating since its launch back on November 20.

The update in full will start on January 13 and will run through March. Squad Conquest will run through January 30, at least for the time being. Battlefield 5’s third chapter will launch on March, with its 64-person battle royale Firestorm becoming available the same month.