New Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Alucard statue is gorgeous and expensive

A new Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Alucard statue was revealed over the weekend. The new one-fifth scale statue will be up for pre-order later this week, through Gantaku’s site. The Symphony of the Night Alucard statue is highly detailed and comes at a high price.

Gantaku’s new statue of Symphony of the Night‘s rendition of Alucard is nothing if not gorgeous. The statue will retail at $450 and will be limited to 1,000 units. It also reaches just over 19 inches high, 14 inches deep, and nearly 20 inches wide. Alucard’s flowing cape is well represented, as are his sword and optional Alucard Shield. For a full gallery of the Castlevania X: Symphony of the Night Alucard statue, check out Gantaku’s website.

Pre-orders for the statue should open on January 16, although Sideshow Toy already has it available for pre-order. Shipments of the statue are expected to arrive in mid-summer, between June and August.

Symphony of the Night Alucard statue.

Gantaku’s take on Alucard is not the only collectors-style statue of the half-vampire star of Symphony of the Night. A First 4 Figures rendition of Alucard was announced last year, with a release for first quarter 2019. That statue was a bit pricier, at $499.99, and a combo pack of two (slightly different) Alucard statues for $924.99. Several commenters on Facebook said they canceled their F4F orders in favor of the Gantaku statue.

Alucard, originally Adrian Fahrenheit Țepeș, is the son of Dracula and the human Lisa. He made his first appearance in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse in 1989. Alucard gained popularity alongside 1997’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the original PlayStation. His Symphony of the Night look was designed by Ayami Kojima.

The Gantaku statue faithfully interprets Alucard’s original design into an intricate, 3D statue. It’s also a fairly expensive piece, coming in at more than a PS4 Pro. But for mega fans of Castlevania, it might be the perfect addition to their collection.