Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue is an absolute unit, too big for Smash Bros

Have you ever thought, “I love Meta Ridley from Metroid Prime, I’d love to get a huge statue of him,” to yourself? I bet you have. Now, First 4 Figures has you covered with an absolute unit of a Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue. This guy is definitely too big for Smash Bros.

First 4 Figures revealed their massive, three-foot tall Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue today. Standing at 37 inches tall with its base, 33 inches wide, and 22 inches deep the $599.99 is incredibly detailed. Two versions of the statue are available for pre-order now. The standard and exclusive edition are very similar and cost the same. The exclusive version, which has a limited 1,000 unit production run, includes light-up eyes and chest plate alongside the standard glow in the dark wings. The standard version is also limited to 1,000 units.

Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue

The Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue is the first in First 4 Figures’ ongoing Metroid villains statue line. As with other collector statues, these will come with an authentication card and production number. The statue weighs over 14 pounds and is expected to ship early next year.

Meta Ridley is a reconstruction of geoform 187, also known as Ridley. He was created by space pirates following his defeat on Zebes in Metroid. His cybernetic enhancements granted him increased strength, mobility, and offensive capabilities. He first appeared in Retro Studios’ 2002 GameCube release, Metroid Prime. Players fight him twice in the Metroid Prime series before it is corrupted into Omega Ridley in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

First 4 Figures Meta Ridley statue is closely based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros Brawl where he was a boss in the game’s Subspace Emissary campaign. His Brawl appearance stirred the Smash Bros community, hopeful to get a playable version of the character in the future. It wasn’t until the recently released Smash Bros Ultimate that Ridley became playable in the series. A Meta Ridley skin is available for geoform 187 in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

If you’d like to order a massive, gorgeous Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue for yourself here are links to the standard and exclusive versions.