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PlayStation Now Europe expansion: Spain, Italy, Sweden and more added

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Now Europe gaming service is making its way to Spain, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Norway, and Sweden. The service will be made available as a beta for a limited number of players in February though a full release date hasn’t been detailed. PS Now has been active in the majority of Europe and the US for some time, and while it was off to a rocky start, the service is now well worth a look.

If you live in one of the seven countries that PS Now will soon be coming to, you can sign up for beta access on the registration page, though the beta is limited to PS4 players only at the moment. Sony has confirmed that the service will be available through PC once it’s fully rolled out.

PS Now, much like the Xbox Game Pass, is a gaming library service that lets players either stream from a wide selection of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games or download PS2 and PS4 games to play offline. There are a fair few decent titles included with the service though, with players able to stream The Last of Us, and the Nathan Drake Collection to name just a few PS exclusive included with PS Now.

There hasn’t been any details on how much the service will cost in the new group of countries, though it’s likely that Spain, Italy, Finland, and Portugal’s price for the service will reflect the €14.99 that other European Union countries pay, though we’re not sure how much those countries outside the Euro, such as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark will have to pay.

PS Now was updated last year, allowing players to finally be able to download games to play offline. Originally, the service required you to always be online when playing but after the success of the Xbox Game Pass, Sony changed up the structure.

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