Co-op shooter Generation Zero release date set for March

The Generation Zero release date has been announced for March 2019, meaning the co-op shooter will be going up against Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for your hard-earned cash. The is being developed by Just Cause‘s Avalanche Studios, offering a stylish, classic design and a pretty decent soundtrack, Generation Zero‘s release date will be music to some fans’ ears after being announced back in June 2018.

The studio has also confirmed that Generation Zero will release with a $40 price tag, with a collection of cosmetic items for players who pre-order the game. There will also be a Collector’s Edition of the game, setting you back $80 but coming with a host of goodies that includes a wooden horse. Because of course.

If you’re not sure what Generation Zero is, it’s probably best described as a Left 4 Dead styles game, except with robots. Enemies are constantly respawning all over the map, meaning you’ll have to be on guard pretty much all the time. The game’s combination of weapons, skills, and equipment to help you survive each bout though, and while you can go at it alone, the style of the game suits multiplayer outings far more than solo journeys.

The story sees you and a group of friends returning from an island getaway (we aren’t sure if it was for work or pleasure) at once you get back to mainland Sweden, you notice that everyone has vanished. Annoyingly, angry killer robots have taken the place of the inexplicably missing people, and you’ll spend the game trying to find out what happened while not being murdered by said giant killer robots.

The March 26 release date for Generation Zero sees it going up against some fairly stiff competition. Both Devil May Cry and From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice release in the same month, as does The Division 2. Though releasing in the latter half of the month may prove more beneficial for Generation Zero, with a fairly empty start to April in terms of games, it, might allow the game to garner a bit more attention.