For Honor year 3 outlined by Ubisoft

Ubisoft‘s multiplayer action game For Honor is entering its third year of release, and new content is coming. A recent developer livestream outlined the For Honor year 3 updates, which include new heroes, maps, and seasonal events.

The first For Honor year 3 update will be out January 31 and brings with it a new fighter. The heavy-class Black Prior predominantly uses a kite shield to push around and control enemies. The Black Prior has a special Bulwark Counter where they toss their opponents over them upon being attacked. The Bulwark Stance allows the fighter to block in all directions simultaneously thanks to its large kite shield. Guard breaks are the only way to overcome the Black Prior’s mighty defenses.

Belonging to a cult-ish group, the Black Priors have a dark history and fight dirty to win. The class will initially be available as part of the new $30 season pass but will be unlockable the following week with in-game currency. A new map relating to the Black Priors will also be released in the January 31 update. Harbor will be available for free immediately as of the patch, and together with the Black Priors feature a darker and more Gothic look to the game.

For Honor year 3 will also bring a number of balances, reworks, and bug fixes to the game. Next week’s update will see reworks of the Shugoki, Warlord, and Peacekeeper fighters. The Shugoki is getting faster attacks that can more often become unblockable, lending it a more offensive kit than before. Peacekeeper will receive offensive buffs to balance a large nerf from last year. Warlord is also getting a slight damage buff and decreased full block costs.

One of the biggest changes to the game is the loss of ladder damage. Players had been able to slide down ladders and knock enemies below, granting them the upper hand. The developer decided to pull that from the game, as they decided it was not “a valid form of combat.”

Three additional fighters will come throughout the year at roughly three-month intervals. These intervals are times with the game’s four seasons, the first starting on January 31. The full patch notes can be found here. The full developer live stream is archived here.