Blind Fortnite Save the World loot boxes are no more

Epic Games is removing blind loot boxes from Fortnite Save the World. The move follows previous changes to loot boxes in the game to make the game more user-friendly. The new Fortnite Save the World loot box changes will come in version 7.30.

Announced in a blog post on Epic’s site, the new “X-Ray” Llamas showcase their contents before being purchased. This allows players to choose whether or not they want to buy a loot box based on its contents, instead of hoping random chance will provide worthwhile items. The changes keep Llama loot box prices as they are, and they will still be earnable through gameplay. The cheapest Llama, at 50 V-Bucks, can yield sought-after gear and players will know before buying.

The Fortnite Save the World loot box changes follow in the footsteps of the version 5.10 patch that added duplicate prevention to the loot boxes. That update ensured that players will not receive duplicates of previously acquired items and that there will be new items earned from every loot box. Although if you have every item from a category, such as legendary shotguns, you will get a duplicate item.

Fortnite Save the World loot boxes will no longer be purchasable in quantities greater than one, to ensure players can see the items in each V-Buck Llama. Mini and event loot boxes continue to work as before, as they can be opened through in-game resources. Epic Games is giving out five Llama Upgrade Tokens to existing players as a way to try out the new system. The new X-Ray Llamas refresh daily, so if the contents don’t strike a player’s fancy the box will update.

Fortnite Save the World launched in July 2017 and is an online co-op survival game. The game’s massively successful battle royale mode launched in September 2017 and quickly overtook the original game mode. The Fortnite Save the World free-to-play transition is expected sometime this year.