Dr. Mario World announced for mobile, summer 2019 release

Dr. Mario World is a new Dr. Mario game, and it’s coming to mobile devices this summer. Nintendo announced the new mobile Dr. Mario earlier today with a logo. The last Dr. Mario game released was Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015.

Nintendo just announced a new partnership with the Japanese company Line, developers of a number of mobile applications. Line and Nintendo are co-developing and jointly operating Dr. Mario World which is expected to get a global release in early summer. The game will be free to download and feature in-app purchases. The new Dr. Mario game will be available on iOS and Android and in over 60 regions around the world.

No gameplay or screenshots were shown of Dr. Mario World in the initial release. The title will likely follow closely in the formula of previous Dr. Mario titles, as it is described as a “puzzle” game in the press release.

Dr. Mario World comes hot on the heels of Mario Kart Tour being delayed to Summer 2019. The mobile Mario Kart was announced in January 2018, but not much has been seen from it since. Dr. Mario World will be the seventh Nintendo-developed game for mobile devices. Nintendo’s mobile track record include Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Dragalia Lost.

Dr. Mario games feature a puzzle board with multi-colored viruses strewn about. The player must match pill colors to that of the viruses to eventually clear the level. To do this, pills are placed using match-3 mechanics to clear viruses. Multiplayer has existed throughout the Dr. Mario series, and could return in Dr. Mario World. The multiplayer battles see competitors trying to finish their level first.

No information regarding when gameplay would be shown, or specifics relating to release were given. Nintendo has been rather secretive about its mobile games, so don’t expect much until we’re closer to launch.