Crackdown 3 is a ‘Terry Crews simulator,’ says star

As the release date of Crackdown 3 beckons, fans of the franchise remain hopeful that the third installment will be a success despite the game’s troubled development. However, star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Crackdown 3, Terry Crews, appears to be extremely excited about the release of the game. Essentially the face of the game, it’s understandable why Crews may be feeling energized by the fast-approaching February 15 release date.

In an interview with Australian outlet (via PCGamer), Crews declared that this Crackdown was “the biggest, most giant, most crazy version, which is a lot like me [laughs]. I tell people it’s the Terry Crews simulator.” In the game, Terry Crews plays Commander Isaiah Jaxon and, during the interview, Crews spoke about the differences between motion capture for a game and acting on a set like Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s. “With this video game, with Crackdown, I had all the motion capture nodules all over my body and the markings, and I was in a big giant empty room, so I had to imagine where everything was, and that was hard, that was a whole different thing.”

Crews stated he’s been into “video games from the beginning,” highlighting his love for classics like Pong, the Intellivision, and Atari. His love for games has played out online. In 2016, Crews streamed himself and his son, Isaiah (whom the lead character of Crackdown 3 is named after), building a gaming PC on Facebook Live. The following year, Crews commissioned popular tech YouTuber, JayzTwoCentz, to build him a high-spec gaming rig.

While Crews admits that his son is way better than him at games, he seemed have had a blast playing Crackdown 3. Crews sees no accessibility issues for those new to the franchise. The star declared there was no requirement to have played the previous two games in the series to enjoy this one.