New Peter Molyneux game could ‘absolutely’ come to Switch

The new Peter Molyneux game, Legacy, could very well be available on the Switch, the Fable series creator said in an interview recently. Details about Legacy are fuzzy at best, though Molyneux has said that the Switch audience is one that he said he finds “fascinating” during a conversation that was oh-so-Molyneux.

The creator behind Populous, Black & White, and the Fable series recently spoke with Nintendo Life about his career and what’s in store for the future. And while he didn’t say much about the upcoming Legacy, other that it’s a “big departure,” from other games he’s worked on, he made it pretty clear that he’d like to see it on the Switch. He said that “I would absolutely say that there is a really strong chance of it going onto Switch, but there are two gates that can stop that happening. The first is you have to get permission from Nintendo, that’s one gate.” before explaining that the “second gate” was whether he and his company wanted the game to be on the Switch, which he does. And with no obvious reason for Nintendo to outright refuse to work with Molyneux, it doesn’t seem like there’s much stopping Legacy from making an appearance on the Switch, perhaps beyond technical limitations.

He went on to explain that the Switch offers up a “fascinating” audience, one that “perhaps haven’t been gaming for decades – although I love those people as well – they’re people who would love to play computer games but find them inaccessible, and I find that absolutely fascinating.” It’s a fairly long-winded way of saying that the hybrid console offers up an audience who might not be familiar with Molyneaux’s previous work or those comments he made about an acorn growing into a tree in Fable. Either way, he seems pretty psyched about getting the game on the Switch.

As for when that will be or even what Legacy is, we don’t know. The game has been in the works for a few years now, and other than it being something markedly different from what Molyneux has worked on previously, your guess is as good as mine.