Nioh sales reach 2.5 million, and fans are pretty excited about the sequel

Nioh sales have reached 2.5 million since being released back in 2017. It’s been something of a slow-burn for the Dark Souls-esque Action-RPG, though it’s picked up a loyal following and excitement for the upcoming sequel is, well, not quite palpable but it’s certainly there.

The latest figures come after just under a year of no new sales data, reports Gematsu, when Nioh reported two million copies of the game being sold. Of course, since its release, a lot more people may have played the game either by borrowing it from a friend or picking up a used copy. Either way, it’s certainly a figure that both Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo would have hoped to be higher, having released the game during the peak interest in the Dark Souls styled games while offering a combat system that was stylized by the Ninja Gaiden games. Instead, Nioh seems to have been swallowed up and, for the most part, forgotten about.

But like I said, the game still has a pretty faithful community behind its console and PC versions. The PC port of Nioh didn’t arrive until October 2017, but it’s held a pretty steady player count on Steam, with Steamcharts showing just over 1000 players still putting time into Nioh. That same community has pretty high hopes for the Nioh 2, which was announced at E3 last year, though it sounds like there’s a lot of hopes resting on the developer addressing some of the game’s quirks.

One of the standout comments in a Reddit thread about this very topic in the hopes that Team Ninja dedicate a little more variety to the game’s world. Redditor coatedwater says that the “environments in that game seemed to be “burning Japanese village” and “wet cave”. Similar comments are voiced by another user who says that, “My main issue with this game was how the areas were mission-based… not one seamless, connected world ala Dark Souls and Bloodborne.” It’s really difficult to tell whether it’s a change we’ll see when Nioh 2 arrives, with the E3 reveal trailer only showing our customizable hero being impaled through the head, and that doesn’t tell us too much.