Monster Hunter World Witcher crossover event starts today

The Monster Hunter World Witcher crossover event that was announced in December 2019 begins today, February 7. PS4 and Xbox One players get the event today, but PC players have to wait for the event.

Capcom announced today that the update containing The Witcher‘s Geralt is scheduled to go live today. Specifically, the update should have gone up at 7 PM ET on February 7. The Monster Hunter World Witcher crossover puts players in the boots of Geralt of Rivia, not just a character skin. As a professional monster slayer, Geralt is more than up to the task of a few Ratholos.

According to Capcom, the event features new quests that blend the RPG mechanics of The Witcher 3 into Monster Hunter World. It’s unclear exactly how the event will work, as Capcom has been tight-lipped about exactly what will be in the event.

Capcom worked closely with CD Projekt Red to develop the new Monster Hunter World event. CD Projekt Red developed The Witcher trilogy, after acquiring rights to make video games based on the books by Andrej Sapkowski. Geralt’s voice actor, Doug Cockle, reprises his role as the famed witcher in this new collaboration.

Monster Hunter World is currently celebrating its first anniversary, with the Appreciation Fest. The festival brings back most of the game’s prior event quests and some new ones. New anniversary gear is also available for players and their Palicos alike.

No end date was given for the end of the Witcher collaboration, although it will likely wrap up alongside the end of the Appreciation Fest. The fest ends on February 21. Unlike the fest, which is live on all platforms, the Witcher collaboration will not go live on PC until a later date.

Capcom revealed the Iceborne expansion earlier this year, a paid expansion set to release in fall 2019. The expansion is expected to bring new regions, monsters, gear, and other content to Monster Hunter World.