Apex Legends world record set, player gets 36 kills

A new Apex Legends world record has been set. The record was broken by a Wraith player, who managed to eliminate 36 players. The impressive feat charts as the most Apex Legends kills in one game by a single player, breaking the previous world record by two.

According to Dexerto, the new Apex Legends world record holder is a former player in the Overwatch League. Lucas “Mendokusaii” Hakansson represented the Houston Outlaws in the league and now spends his time as a game streamer. You can watch the world record run further down the page, though it has some pretty NSFW language throughout.

Hakansson completed the run as the character Wraith and dispatches the other legends with a mix of the R99 submachine gun and Wingman pistol. Along with the triumphant 36 kills, Hakansson dealt 5460 worth of damage and his run lasted 18 minutes and 37 seconds. The former Overwatch pro made sure no-one was taking anything away from his victory via Twitter:

World records have become a big part of battle royale games, a further challenge to aim for once players become masters of the chicken dinner or everpresent champions they seek new challenges. You can find a list of Apex Legends world records here. Mendokusaii’s effort wasn’t the only Apex Legends world record broken in the last 24 hours [via Dexerto]. A played named KobiTheRapper broke the same record as Mendokusaii but on console rather than PC. KobiTheRapper also used the Wingman pistol to dispatch many of his enemies, highlighting its effectiveness in the game.

Apex Legends immediate popularity took many by surprise, however, it has now proven itself to be a mainstay of the battle royale genre. Our review stated it has “raised the bar for battle royale games” and that “If you’ve been a battle royale naysayer up until this point, Apex Legends might just make a believer out of you.”