Total War mod brings Dragon Age armies to the game

A comprehensive mod for the 2007 game Medival 2: Total War: Kingdoms is bringing a beloved BioWare fantasy RPG to the battlefield. The “Dragon Age: Total War” mod will completely overhaul the classic strategy title with new maps, character models and aesthetics in the style of the first Dragon Age game.

Dragon Age: Total War is what’s known as a total conversion mod, which are mods that seek to completely replace all of a game’s artistic assets but generally leave the core gameplay unaltered. In this case, the end result will see players engage in Dragon Age themed wars which will feature countless elements of the original game such as Grey Wardens, Blights, and mages. According to the team, the mod will eventually feature 21 factions from the BioWare classic and looks to showcase a new point of view on many of the game’s characters and lore.

The devoted team behind the impressive work has taken to the mod’s ModDB page to update expectant fans on their latest efforts, an exhaustively detailed map of Fereldan. The setting for the Dragon Age game, the Dragon Age: Total War version of Fereldan looks to be a faithful recreation which features many of the original game’s unique locations. The mod map will allow players to explore Fereldan, triggering special events, quests, and possibly even the discovery of a dragon.

The map update is just the latest in a string of Dragon Age: Total War updates as the mod has the laudable goal of ensuring there isn’t a single element of the base game that will be untouched by the mod. The pairing of Dragon Age lore with the tactical gameplay of the Total War series will see players choose to control one of the many nations of Thedas, which will directly impact the types of infantry available when the inevitable war comes.

While there is no set release date for the mod as of yet, the team is hoping to launch a beta sometime in the next 18 months.