Conan Unconquered gameplay revealed for the Petroglyph RTS

Petroglyph Games has revealed the first gameplay from their upcoming Conan RTS game. The Conan Unconquered gameplay showcased a systems-driven “survival real-time strategy” game from the Command and Conquer and Star Wars: Empire at War developers.

Conan Unconquered gameplay was shown off in a new video published today by the game’s publisher Funcom. The RTS game will be the first strategy game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian and will bring a variety of unique ideas to the genre. Players must build a stronghold to defend against the hordes of Hyboria in a randomly generated environment. The game’s enemies attack in waves, with the game taking on aspects of Gears of War‘s Horde multiplayer mode.

The game can be played in full two-player online co-op, or as a single-player experience. Players must manage resources, research technology, construct their base and amass an army to survive the onslaught. Conan Unconquered has player characters similar to Warcraft 3‘s heroes.

While Conan Unconquered is a real-time strategy game, gameplay can be paused to issue commands and build new constructs. As an optional choice, the move could help the RTS-averse players get into the game.

Petroglyph Games drew comparisons between Conan Unconquered and games like They Are Billions and Frostpunk, two acclaimed indie RTS games. Conan Unconquered also features a variety of treacherous environments and storms for players to contend with. Disease, sandstorms, and more can ravage a player’s stronghold if they are not careful. Players can also summon the avatars of gods to protect their stronghold.

Conan Unconquered is slated for a release on PC in the second quarter of 2019. However, Petroglyph and Funcom have yet to reveal an exact release date for the game. Petroglyph was founded in 2003 by ex-Westwood Studios staff, and have been independently developing RTS games since. The behind-the-scenes video discussing the game, and showcasing gameplay, can be found below.