PUBG Erangel remaster will update the game’s first map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might have lost some of its ground in the battle royale war with Fortnite, but now PUBG Corp can focus on making the game better. The developer just announced that it is planning to remaster and rework the game’s first map. The PUBG Erangel remaster is currently in the works.

Announced earlier this week, PUBG Corp said it has been working to rebalance Erangel. Recent leaks of an in-development Erangel map showed a number of new compounds and buildings around the map. The remastering is focused largely on balancing loot drops.

“We understand that loot balance is a very important part of the game but also recognize that the map layout is just as important, so we’re working hard to ensure that any changes made to either will feel good when completed,” the studio said. “We plan to start testing several potential changes to Erangel soon, and will share our plans in the coming weeks.”

The post went on to remind fans that the leaked map images may have already been changed, and do not reflect properly on the changes coming to Erangel. The PUBG Erangel remaster is also suggested to be the first for the game, and the developer plans to improve other maps as well.

Erangel’s remaster is expected to hit the PUBG test servers at some point in the future as PUBG Corp hunts for feedback to make the game better. Last year, PUBG Corp ran a campaign called “Fix PUBG” in a bid to gather feedback from players. After three months, the developer released a roadmap for the future.

That roadmap outlined four major areas where the game will be improved. Firstly, it would bring client and server optimizations to improve the gameplay experience and game performance. Secondly, more efficient anti-cheat solutions were supposed to be implemented to ensure fair gameplay. Thirdly, the game was supposed to receive better matchmaking to get players into games faster and with a fair playing field. And finally, PUBG Corp was going to fix bugs while implementing quality-of-life improvements.