The Division 2 digital third-party sellers to be excluded following March 15

The Division 2 third-party sellers won’t be able to sell digital PC copies after March 15. This is the game’s launch day and, following that date, the digital PC version of the game will only be available to buy on Uplay or the Epic Games Store.

The move was revealed by UK-based online retailer Gamesplanet. They stated Ubisoft would not be allowing digital third-party stores to sell The Division 2 PC after launch. Gamesplanet mentions they were told post-launch digital sales would only be conducted by “Ubisoft’s store” (Uplay) and “another exclusive digital store” (Epic Games Store). Ubisoft’s agreement with Epic Games was revealed in early January. The deal means the game is not available to buy at all on Steam.

According to Gamesplanet, the decision doesn’t just affect sales of the game. The Division 2 third-party sellers will not be able to sell “all upcoming game content such as Season Pass, Extensions, etc.” They also stated they will not be able to provide comprehensive support for the sales of the game they have made so far. This is due to not being able to acquire replacement keys for the game if required. The site does state all purchases thus far will be honored and concluded by saying “obviously, we are not happy about this decision.”

The Division 2 has had a successful pre-launch so far. The game’s beta set new records for Ubisoft, becoming the company’s most played beta ever. The game has also dwarfed its predecessor in terms of pre-orders. Despite the high numbers of players in the beta, it wasn’t all plain sailing. As with most betas, several bugs were found. Players who had ordered the PC Gold Edition were having problems downloading the beta. While some player’s guns were not making any sound.

The Division 2 is slated for release on March 15 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.