The Division 2 file size is 50GB on PC and Xbox One, 90GB on PS4

Get ready to free up some hard drive space for The Division 2. Massive Entertainment revealed the initial Division 2 file size on PC and consoles. The game’s day one patch size has also been announced prior to its March 15 release.

The Division 2 on PC and Xbox One will be roughly 50GB once fully installed. On PS4, The Division 2 file size will be about 90GB, nearly 40GB larger than that of the other systems. Physical copies of the game will be required to download Title Update 1 upon installation. This update will be equivalent to the full install size on each platform, with some confusion as to why the update is so large. Some are wondering what is even on the physical game discs.

Pre-load for The Division 2 is currently live on PC, requiring a roughly 40GB install. Once the Title Update 1 patch is live on PC, players will likely have downloaded nearly 90GB worth of The Division 2. The PS4 file size being significantly larger could be related to differing file compression, but might also be linked to the way PS4 handles higher resolution assets for the PS4 Pro.

On the Xbox One X, higher quality game assets are usually an optional download but that is not the case on PS4. PS4 Pro and standard PS4 users will download the exact same assets regardless of which system players are on. As a result, the larger file size on PS4 might be related to these assets.

Another update is slated for March 11 which will be a more reasonable 2GB download across all platforms. Players who have the beta installed will have to download the entire game, but these beta versions can, of course, be deleted.

The Division 2 is out March 15 for all players, although three-day early access to the game is included all versions of the game except the standard pre-order.