Horizon Zero Dawn 2 job listings seemingly posted by Guerrilla Games

Development on Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is seemingly underway, as Guerrilla Games has posted two job listings looking for writers for an upcoming open-world game. Guerrilla has asked for a senior game writer and game writer to join its staff, in order to “push the boundaries of dramatic storytelling in open-world games.”

While the listings don’t mention Horizon Zero Dawn 2 by name, they do strongly allude to the as-yet-unannounced sequel. The job roles outline responsibilities including creating “compelling ideas for game quests, factions and backstories,” developing narrative designs for quests and game features, along with requesting that applicants have experience working on a AAA game and knowledge of narrative design in open-world RPG games.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed, though considering the success of the first game it’s inevitable that a sequel will happen. With Guerrilla remaining a first-party Sony studio, development commencing on the game in 2019 would suggest it will launch on the PS5. Guerrilla moved into a larger office space this year, indicating it was working on a new project. These job listings suggest that development on this new project is underway.

The original Horizon Zero Dawn was a big hit for the PS4 and is widely considered a modern classic. Guerrilla was previously known for developing the Killzone games, before shifting gears to Horizon and releasing the new IP in 2017. Since then not much news has come from the developer, with it last putting out The Frozen Wild expansion in November 2017.

Guerrilla Games began work on Horizon Zero Dawn way back in 2011, with the game spending seven years in development. At the time of its release it became the best-selling new IP in PS4 history, beating a sales record previously set by Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. The open-world game has sold over 10 million copies to date, becoming one of the PS4’s most successful single-player games as a result.