Splatoon 2 demo now available for download, start and end time detailed

A Splatoon 2 demo has been announced by Nintendo. The special free demo is available to both UK and US players. The demo will allow players to try Splatoon 2 for a limited time and provides a free trial to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

The Splatoon 2 demo announced today will launch on March 19 7 AM PT/2 PM GMT and conclude on March 25 6:59 AM PT/1:59 PM GMT. According to Nintendo, the free demo will allow access to all of Splatoon 2’s online modes, such as 4-on-4 Turf War and the Salmon Run mode. The announcement does not mention access to single-player.

If you download the Splatoon 2 demo from the Nintendo eShop, you will receive a seven-day trial for the Nintendo Switch Online service, which applies even if you’ve already used the seven-day trial Nintendo has offered to all. Along with the Splatoon 2 demo, Nintendo eShop is offering 20 percent off the full game between March 19 7 AM PT/2 PM GMT and March 28 8:59 AM PT/3:59 PM GMT.

In other recent Splatoon 2 news, the game was recently revealed to be the most purchased retail game in Japan. Splatoon 2 beat titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Odyssey to the top spot. Earlier this year, Splatoon 2 invited players across the globe to take part in its first set of online tournaments.

Elsewhere in the world of Nintendo, the company has looked to limit monetization of its mobile games in order to stop its games from appearing too exploitative. The Japanese video games giant has apparently rebuked requests from developers such as CyGames (Draglia Lost) to add more monetization. Nintendo also recently announced the Labo VR, its first move into the virtual reality space. The kit will allow players to place their Nintendo Switch into a piece of cardboard, which they construct themselves, to experience VR.