Concrete Genie release date announced at PlayStation State of Play

A Concrete Genie release date was announced at the PlayStation State of Play stream today. We also got to see a bit of new gameplay mixed with some scenes we’ve already seen.

Concrete Genie was originally announced during PlayStation’s Paris Games Week presentation in 2017. The game was set for release in 2018, but it fell off the radar until its reappearance in this stream. The game follows a young boy who uses a magical paintbrush to create creatures and environments on walls that can come to life. Your main enemies in-game seem to be groups of bullies that beat you up, as well as monsters that may somehow be connected with your powers.

Progression through Concrete Genie will be made via the objects and creatures you can draw with your paintbrush. These creations will help you solve environmental puzzles, and also serve the narrative as being the protagonist’s escape from the dreary world he inhabits.

Concrete Genie will release this fall on PlayStation 4. It will also be compatible with PSVR, but details on that mode weren’t revealed during the stream.