Final Fantasy 7 Nintendo Switch launch trailer takes us down memory lane

The Final Fantasy 7 Nintendo Switch launch trailer is here and it takes us on a most wonderful trip down memory lane. The Final Fantasy series has been around a long time, but Final Fantasy 7 is arguably one of (if not the) most notable games in the franchise. Beloved by many, the game has been ported to PC and several other consoles, but it will soon be available on a Nintendo console for the very first time.

We get to see a montage of cinematic scenes throughout the Final Fantasy 7 Nintendo Switch launch trailer — there’s not a hint of gameplay to be seen here. Mainly, the trailer has a focus on some of the most important moments in the game interspersed with highlights of some of the game’s characters. It begins by showing us some of the potential party members that can join your team: Red XIII, Barret, Cid, and Cait Sith. We then transition to Cloud falling through an energy field before shifting to an overhead view of Midgar as a station powers down.

The trailer then moves on to highlight some more iconic characters from the game: Aeris/Aerith, Sephiroth, and Jenova. A slightly longer motorcycle scene including Cloud is shown next. This is followed by the iconic destruction of the Sector 1 Mako reactor, which is the very first mission that players will embark on in the game. Finally, the trailer closes out on a haunting image of Aeris.

If the Final Fantasy 7 Nintendo Switch launch trailer has you feeling a bit nostalgic, you don’t have to wait to get your hands on it: it’s available on the Nintendo eShop right now. You can pick it up at the Final Fantasy 7 store page as a digital download for the price of $15.99 or your regional equivalent. Do keep in mind that this is a straight port of the original with just a handful of enhancements. You can watch the trailer for yourself below.