Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Has At Least 43 Confirmed Characters

AAK on the Neogaf forums has confirmed at least a roster of 43 characters after extensive testing and reports from the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2) arcades locations at Namco Land Kawasaki and Namco Land Umeda. The arcade banapass card costs 300 yen, but it stores all of the player's data for stats and competitions. Also of interest is that the Deluxe cabinet apparently costs 4,180,000 yen, which is upwards of $50,000US (no wonder our arcades can't keep up?). You can examine the thread at Neogaf further for more information, though much of it is so steeped in fighting game terminology that it confuses us and the English language.

Here is the list of confirmed characters:

Alisa Boskonovitch

Anna Williams

Armor King

Asuka Kazama

Baek Doo San

Bob Richards

Bruce Irvin

Bryan Fury

Christie Monteiro / Eddy Gordo

Devil Jin

Feng Wei


Heihachi Mishima



Jin Kazama

Jinpachi Mishima

Julia Chang

Jun Kazama

Kazuya Mishima


Kuma / Panda

Lars Alexandersson

Lee Chaolan

Lei Wulong

Leo Kliesen

Emilie De Rochefort

Ling Xiaoyu

Craig Marduk

Marshall Law

Miguel Caballero Rojo

Nina Williams

Paul Phoenix


Roger Jr

Sergei Dragunov

Steve Fox

True Ogre

Wang Jinre