Mario VR screenshots showcase upcoming Labo VR update

Nintendo has released new Mario VR screenshots ahead of the Labo VR update later this month. The screenshots show off some of what Labo VR users can expect the Mario VR missions included in the update. The Labo VR update will include three mini-missions for Mario VR, as well as a full virtual reality update for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Mario VR screenshots were revealed by the Japanese Twitter account for Super Mario Odyssey. Sadly, the images don’t give a whole lot away. The three images which include Mario appear to be set in Cap Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, and Cloud Kingdom. However, we also get a screenshot featuring Pauline of New Donk City. It is unclear how the three VR mini-missions will be structured across different kingdoms. A promotional image was also tweeted out. The image is in Japanese and shows off Mario himself using the Labo VR.

The free Labo VR update, which includes the Mario VR mini-missions and Zelda: Breath of the Wild VR, is set for release on April 25. The announcement of the VR updates included a statement from Nintendo. Nintendo declared the Mario VR update will be a “bite-size bonus experience in simple, family-friendly VR.” While the company also stated that turning virtual reality on and off in Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be as easy as changing a setting in the menu, with no need to quit the game.

Pauline recently grabbed headlines when she was added to Mario Tennis Aces. The addition began an online war of words between the competing fans of the various female Mario Tennis Aces characters. Mario himself has plenty to celebrate this year outside of VR. The next game featuring the retired plumber is coming in June 2019. While, in January, Super Mario Odyssey was announced as the best-selling 3D Mario game of the 21st century.