Final Fantasy 7 official concert announced for June

Like Kingdom Hearts before it, a new Final Fantasy 7 official concert has been announced. The show will premiere at the Hollywood Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on June 9, just in time for E3. Titled Final Fantasy 7 – A Symphonic Reunion, it will feature a massive orchestra with over 100 musicians. And behind it all will be a big HD video projection of the game during its key moments.

Arnie Roth will conduct, who served as a head during many Final Fantasy concerts including Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy, and Voices: Music from Final Fantasy. Roth is a Grammy award-winning artist who reportedly loves to work with video game music. Finally, pre-sale tickets for the show will be available starting April 20. They’ll cost $77.77 and can be purchased here.

Final Fantasy 7, as you likely know, is a classic game on the original PlayStation that blew everyone’s minds in 1997. The JRPG from the studio now known as Square Enix has since come out on nearly every platform to release since. Also, FF7 was the first Final Fantasy game to play in 3D. Since 2009, the game has sold over 11 million copies, and many view it as one of the best RPGs ever made.

The game’s main protagonist, Cloud, is now a gaming staple. He’s a character in Super Smash Bros. and was once a key part of the Kingdom Hearts plot. Due to his and the title’s popularity, there is even a remake of Final Fantasy 7 in the works. However, this revision has gone through multiple setbacks and is a long time coming. Some fans feel like it will ever come out. But, this happened before with Final Fantasy XV, and we still got that game ten years later.

Regardless, the classic version is still dear to many people. Those are the ones who make a concert like this possible and will be going to relive the glorious moments of such an RPG. If this show does well, it will likely tour the rest of the world, as many Square Enix concerts do.