Showtime Halo series has cast its Master Chief

While Showtime’s TV show adaptation of Microsoft’s Halo has seen its fair share of speed bumps, it looks like it’s finally moving forward. It looks like Pablo Schreiber is set to play Master Chief in the Showtime Halo series.

Coming Soon recently confirmed that the network has hired Schreiber to portray the iconic hero. His work spans across several different series, including American Gods and Orange Is the New Black, as well as the movie 13 Hours. The series is set to begin production soon under director Otto Bathurst, who previously worked on last year’s reboot of Robin Hood. The 10-episode series features the writing work of Kyle Killen (Awake), who is penning the scripts.

This is an interesting change of pace for the Master Chief character. For years, Steve Downes served as the voice of the iconic hero, though we’ve never really gotten a look at his face. This series could very well change that. But fingers crossed that Downes gets a nod in there somewhere. He is the original Master Chief, after all.

The series’ timeline will take place in a similar place to the original Halo game that started it all. It’ll follow a futuristic battle between the human race and the Covenant in a fight to control the galaxy. It’s unknown to what extent the show runners will follow the video game series.

Halo is a co-production between Microsoft, 343 Industries, and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, alongside Showtime. Scott Pennington, Rupert Wyatt (the former director of the series) and Killen will serve as executive producers.

There’s no word on a premiere date. However, don’t be surprised if we hear more about the series in a couple of months during Microsoft’s E3 event. We might even get a glimpse of what to expect from it. Hey, something’s gotta keep us entertained while we wait for Halo: Infinite, right?