Dead by Daylight Endgame Collapse will raise the stakes for everyone

The brand-new Dead by Daylight Endgame Collapse feature will increase the pressure for both the killer and the survivors. The developers have decided to introduce this new feature as a way to improve the overall experience of trials mode and raise the stakes for everyone involved, changing the metagame of Dead by Daylight and adding a serious level of time pressure once its activated.

The Dead by Daylight Endgame Collapse can be activated in one of two ways: by opening up a powered-up exit gate or by closing the hatch. The exit gate can be opened up by both the killer and the survivors, but the hatch can only be closed by the killer. In either case, the Endgame Collapse will start a variable timer that gradually burns down at a speed that’s dependent on how many survivors are still alive and what state they’re in.

By default, the Endgame Coallpse will have a three-minute countdown represented by a bar on the top of the screen. Progression of the bar will slow down when a survivor is hooked or downed; this is represented by the bar changing color from gold to silver. An audio cue will play every time the Dead by Daylight Endgame Collapse is depleted by 25%.

When time runs out, any remaining survivors will fall victim to the entity — even if they’re safely tucked away in lockers. These automatic kills will count as sacrifices for the killer. If only one survivor remains, the hatch will spawn and open. The activation of the Endgame Collapse will also see all generators being blocked by the entity, effectively cutting them off from the survivors.

Dead by Daylight certainly makes for an interesting asymmetrical multiplayer game and this latest improvement should make it even more exciting. The game recently saw improvements to its matchmaking system and announced a new DLC featuring Ash from the Evil Dead series of films. You can watch a video demonstrating the Dead by Daylight Endgame Collapse below.