UploadVR reveals its own E3 showcase

While Sony and Nintendo have stopped E3 presentations in favor of their own content, others are taking the chance to get involved. Now, the virtual reality coverage space UploadVR is taking a stab with an UploadVR E3 showcase.

Virtual reality is an up-and-coming technology within the gaming space, but one that doesn’t have its own dedicated show during the big convention. Taking a page out of Devolver Digital’s book, UploadVR wants to change that.

“The simplest way to explain it is like a Nintendo Direct or PlayStation State of Play show, but for VR,” reads an official post. Essentially, this means the show will be pre-recorded and presented rather than a live one. This is a different approach than Microsoft or Ubisoft, but one that should work well with virtual reality. That, and since VR can be buggy, the team can be sure only the best content gets showcased.

The UploadVR E3 showcase will have “game reveals, trailers,” and a lot more. It will consist of interviews of “all shapes and sizes” alongside some guest stars. “This is our chance to show the world what the future holds for VR,” continues the post. The goal is not only to “excite” current headset owners but to entice gamers who’ve yet to jump in. Apparently, this show has been a year in the making.

UploadVR’s show will take place on June 10th at 9 am PST. It will focus on all aspects of VR, from PlayStation VR to the Oculus Rift. E3 takes place this year on June 11-13, though many companies take the days before this to have a show. For example, Bethesda held its show on Sunday last year, a day before the “official” start of the conference. UploadVR looks to be doing the same, as will some other shows, we can be sure.

As for other E3 2019 news, note that Square Enix took Sony’s time slot for this year’s show. As you may know, Sony is leaving E3 for the first time ever to focus on its own shows similar to Nintendo with its Nintendo Direct’s.