Dreams is getting a new update next month

As you may know, Dreams is the latest game from Media Molecule, the team behind LittleBigPlanet. Both of these titles cater to creators, with the former now having launched in early access. There, players are working to craft insane levels like the opening sequence to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Now, they’ll be able to create even more, as a Dreams new update is coming in May.

This new patch will bring with a myriad of features. To start, the tutorial will have some new content to ease players into the game better. There will also be templates to build off of as well, and some new assets too. Hopefully, creators will appreciate this, as the game isn’t exactly easy to start building with. The difficulty isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as the system complexity leads to wild creations. Additional templates and items with a better tutorial to go along with them will bring with even better content.

Also, the May update will raise the level cap to over 100 and introduce new social tools. Blocking others is a key feature there, for example. While there isn’t a specific release date just yet, players can be sure to look forward to this stuff soon. That’s not to mention the game is only in early access, and it will change a ton over the next year or so.

Dreams is a fantastic, experimental title that reminds one of Microsoft’s Project Spark. However, Sony’s take on the game development genre seems a little more approachable. This is the type of space where you can build a giant instrument or program a complex new character. It’s a game that can spark interest in game development from a young age, or introduce these skills to a more hardened player. Then, it provides a way for others to experience it as well.