Bethesda offering a modified Rage 2 Dreamcast system for giveaway

Usually, when game companies have releases, they create a specially designed system to go along with it for giveaway. However, this may be the first time this generation that we’ve got a publisher giving away…a Dreamcast?

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. Bethesda announced earlier today that it would give away a modified Sega Dreamcast as part of its current promotion for Rage 2. Only, it’s not really a Dreamcast…?

Let me explain. Check out the tweet below, which shows you the system in question. It features a black Dreamcast-style system with a Rageanarchy logo spray painted on top.

But here’s the thing. They actually modified the system so that it’s like a mini-PC. And, for that matter, one that can run Rage 2like a boss, as you can see below.

While some folks are happy with the opportunity to win such a system, others are torn. They wanted a Dreamcast that apparently runs original games. You can see some of the more interesting responses below.