Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct shows new themes, level types, and more

The Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct revealed plenty of new features for the upcoming build-your-own platformer coming out on June 28 on the Switch. In addition to the expected and returning features, Nintendo unveiled a whole swath of new enemies, themes, level types, vehicles, and more.

While it seems small, Nintendo has added the ability to add slopes and players can determine if they sharp or shallow grades. The Angry Sun is also back from Super Mario Bros. 3 and will follow Mario through the stage and attack him. It can even be flipped to the Moon, which changes the course in different ways. For example, Goombas float in one theme while the water becomes poisonous in another theme.

The Snake Block is also making a return and players can draw the pattern it moves in. There is even a faster and slower variant. On and Off Switches are also in the game, which let users turn certain parts of a level on or off. This can be linked to blocks, conveyor belts, and more.

Seesaws have also been added and respond to weight, meaning you may need to balance yourself on them to survive. Speaking of momentum, Nintendo has even added claws that Mario can grab onto, swing, and jump off of.

Water levels can also be tweaked in a number of different ways if you, for some reason, love water levels. Custom scrolling, a much more likable option, can also be applied to stages and customized accordingly. This feeds into hiding parts of the level via a scroll stop (so the camera doesn’t move past part of a wall to show other parts of the stage) and vertically scrolling subareas.

There are also some new enemies like Banzai Bill, which can shoot in the four cardinal directions or home in on Mario. He can even hide in a Dry Bones shell to withstand lava and can even hide in it to temporarily become invincible. You can even hide new 10, 30, or 50 coins around, but it wasn’t clear if there are more denominations.

New sound effects, clear conditions (like beating the level with a certain amount of coins), twisters that suck up everything, conveyor belts, icicles, Red Yoshis, parachutes that go on almost anything and slow their descent, and more have been put into Super Mario Maker 2 as well.

These enemies match the new course themes like desert, snow, forest, and sky, which can all even have new music by legendary composer Koji Kondo. There’s even a story mode with over 100 levels from Nintendo where Mario must earn coins to rebuild the castle. The levels are meant to show people how to make levels.

The Super Mario 3D World is also finally in Super Mario Maker 2 but will clear the course you’re working on if you choose it since it is so different from the other styles. There are tons of unique aspects of this theme like Cat Mario, clear pipes, crates that float, warp boxes, spiky blocks, ! blocks that extend when hit, a tracking block that moves where you draw (like the Piranha Creeper), Skipsqueaks that follow Mario’s movements, a Koopa Troopa Car, and more.

And there are a ton of different multiplayer options in Super Mario Maker 2 as well, which you can read about here (link coming soon).